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In recognition of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, Wayfield Foods remembers the late Dr. Charles H. Jackson, Sr. who lost his battle with prostate cancer in April of 2015. He was the former Director of Community Impact for Wayfield Foods and was greatly admired by all Wayfield associates.  Dr. Jackson always wore a smile, even through the challenges of his cancer diagnosis!  He authored of a book titled "You Are Victorious" to encourage and remind everyone to live victoriously no matter what life circumstances and challenges may come their way.  Most of all he was determined himself to "live on purpose" by making a impact on the lives of everyone he encountered through his gift of public speaking and his love for community outreach. He spent his final days educating people about prostate cancer and advocating for early screenings among men through the "Be Vocal Now" campaign and organization that he started to create awareness about prostate cancer and encourage men to break the silence about the deadly killer in an effort to preserve their families and save lives.

In memory of Dr. Charles H. Jackson. Sr. a phenomenal pastor, author, teacher and father, the Wayfield family would like to take a moment to empower and educate our community about Prostate Cancer in hopes that it will save a life and preserve a family as Dr. Charles H. Jackson, Sr. set out to do during his final days on this earth through his "BEVOCALNOW" campaign.

Prostate Cancer is a story of both great heartbreak and great hope. The heartbreak is that each year more than 29,000 men will die of this disease and that prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death of U.S. men. However, if diagnosed early, the five-year survival rate is almost 100 percent. At ten years post diagnosis, 98 percent of men diagnosed early, remain alive.

Prostate Cancer is an extremely complex disease—multiple subtypes of this cancer exist, some aggressive and lethal, others non-aggressive and non-life-threatening. The vast majority of prostate cancer occurs as an indolent, slow-growing form of the disease that poses little threat to men’s lifespans. Because one in seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime, it is important for men to learn about both non-aggressive, slow-growing forms of prostate cancer and aggressive forms of this disease through conversations with their doctors. In addition, because there has been controversy in recent years over when men should be screened for prostate cancer, there is great need for all men to learn about prostate cancer screening methods, including the drawbacks and benefits to current screening tests.

In the words of Dr. Charles H. Jackson,Sr. “If you want to stay alive, get screened at age 35! Don’t wait, 40 can be too late!” Dr. Jackson was diagnose with fourth stage prostate cancer at the age of 40 and had no idea that he had it prior to that time.  For this reason, Wayfield Foods is setting out to create awareness about Prostate Cancer and encouraging all men to take the first step by getting screened… early detection is the key. Save a life and get screened. The life you save could be yours!

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